Measles: What to do?

What to do if you feel you may have the measles

If you suspect that you may have the measles, please call (509) 773-4022 prior to coming to the hospital or clinic so appropriate precautions can be taken to prevent further transmission.

If you are unsure about your immunity status against the measles, a simple blood test called a titer can determine if you are immune or not. As a community service, Klickitat Valley Health is offering this test at a discounted rate of $25. No appointment, fasting or doctor order is necessary. Patients may check in at the main hospital registration desk and simply request a measles blood test. You will be contacted with your results within 3 business days. If it is determined that you are not immune to the measles, immunization may be available at our Family Medicine clinic, dependent on supply.

· For current information about the measles outbreak in Washington State including number of confirmed cases by county, click here:

· For general questions about the measles outbreak, please contact the Klickitat County Public Health Department at (888) 291-3521.

· To inquire about the availability of the MMR immunization at the KVH Family Medicine Clinic for adults or children, please call (509) 773-4017.


Measles: What to do?
What to do if you feel you may have the measles... Read More

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