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General Surgery

At KVH, we understand that the decision to have surgery is one you and your physician take very seriously. Our surgical suite incorporates advanced laparoscopic technology that offers patients a less invasive, same-day procedure for the treatment of many medical conditions. To ensure the best possible outcome for your procedure, our experienced surgical staff will work closely with you to coordinate all of your pre- and post-operative appointments during convenient weekly clinics.

As head of the KVH Surgical Team, Dr. Jacinto Orozco brings 30 years of General and Emergency Surgery experience, including open and minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques, including:

• Removal of the appendix
• Hernia repair
• Breast biopsies
• Wound care
• IV catheter placement
• Excision of skin lesions
• Colonoscopies
• Upper & Lower Scopes


Dr. Orozco also has fellowship training in Hand Surgery. His extensive knowledge of the hand offers patients safe, individualized care, along with pain relief, restored function, and the chance to resume daily routines and favorite activities. Issues of the hand that can be addressed include:

• Trigger finger release
• Tendonitis
• Ganglion cysts
• Basal joint arthritis


The Anesthesia Department provides general and regional anesthesia including conscious sedation for general surgery. The department also provides technical expertise in trauma stabilization, cardiac codes and difficult IV starts, as well as postoperative education for patients and staff.

Preparing for Surgery

If you are coming to KVH for surgery, please visit PREPARING FOR SURGERY

For more information, please call 509.773.4017



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