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Physical Therapy is part of the rehabilitation services at KVH that are available to inpatients, outpatients, transitional care patients, as well as home health and hospice clients.

Our staff of highly trained therapists treat spine, shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle pain that affects an individual’s quality of life, recreational and work pursuits. Emphasis is placed on developing a personalized home exercise program for patients to normalize flexibility and strength and restore balance to the musculoskeletal system.

To begin a therapy program, our team must receive a referral from your physician. Your Physical Therapist will then work with you and your family to develop an individualized treatment plan that best addresses your needs and concerns.

A variety of conditions may benefit from P/T treatment:
Accidents: sports injuries, vehicle or industrial accidents and falls.
Neurological Disorders: stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders of adults or children.
Orthopedic Rehabilitation: surgery follow-up, fractures, spinal or back injury, amputation and arthritis.
Chronic Pain including headache, backache, sciatica and arthritis.

Therapists also perform osteoporosis and physical capacity evaluations and provide practical training in the use of mobility devices such as wheelchairs and crutches.

Klickitat Valley Health Physical Therapy staff are nationally certified and licensed by Washington State.

Monday thru Friday 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Contact Information for Physical Therapy
The Physical Therapy Department is located at Klickitat Valley Hospital
Phone:  (509) 773-1025
Email:  pt@kvhealth.net


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