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Klickitat Valley Health is now offering Respiratory Therapy (RT) services for inpatient as well as outpatient therapy and diagnosis. Respiratory Therapists are educated much in the same way as nurses, but specialize during their clinical training rounds. Rhonda Turner is a registered Respiratory Therapist licensed in the state of Washington. She reviews and oversees the treatment and determination of lung disease in patients with suspected lung and heart conditions.

Testing services include:
• Performing lung capacity testing
• Outpatient heart monitoring
• Providing cardiac stress testing under a physician's supervision

The list of patients seen range from those with asthma and emphysema, to infections found in pneumonia and bronchitis, to work-related exposures like asbestosis. In addition, Rhonda assists with Home Health and Hospice patients as needed, for example a lung cancer patient needing comfort care. All patients receive teaching on proper breathing techniques, inhaler and other breathing medication administration, home oxygen usage, and smoking cessation.

A respiratory therapist is part of the wellness team that teaches community smoking cessation classes. Respiratory Therapists treat the entire age spectrum from children with childhood illnesses like croup to seniors with end-stage disease processes. RT is utilized in acute care and trauma situations in which life support is initiated. RT continues with high involvement in the ongoing management and rehabilitation of chronic disease and even breathing-related sleep disorders.

Contact Information for Respiratory Therapy
Respiratory Therapy is located at Klickitat Valley Hospital
Phone:  (509) 773-1068

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